A Never-Ending Ocean of 4.5 Million Flowers in Japan_

The Hitachi Seaside Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the planet: a place where millions of flowers grow every year in the most amazing displays of colours imaginable. Here you can see about 4.5 million baby-blue nemophilas blossoming in April—but there’s more, much more.

It’s not all about the nemophilas. Here you can see tulips carefully planted to a river of blue among a rainbowed land.

And in the fall everything turns red and pink:


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Insane Promotional Chase Video Shows Two Schoolgirls Doing Impossible Stunts & Leaping Off Rooftops in Japan_

Suntory has released an insane promotional chase video for their C.C. Lemon beverage that shows two schoolgirls doing impossible stunts and leaping off of tall rooftops in Atami, Japan. It starts off with the two innocent girls playing around in class and, as the video progresses, they become superhuman as they display their parkour abilities throughout the town.

Two everyday Japanese High School students end up having a chase of epic proportions through the streets of Atami.


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Data Miner’s Daughter_


Samuel H Goldstein, Artist, Chicago


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Embroideries Using Hair by Artist Sula Fay_

“Hair Embroideries” by artist Sula Fay, found via our July Submissions. She says this about the work:

“As an adolescent, I struggled with my hair. Being of half African and Puerto Rican descent I inherited very naturally curly hair. Alongside my white skinned, long straight haired friends, I felt different and unattractive. I went through many gruelling hours brushing, combing, and straightening. That process was very difficult and tedious, just like the process of my embroideries. To embroider with my hair I have to straighten each piece separately.”


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“There is always some limit which the individual accepts.”

“He identifies this limit with himself. Horror seizes him at the thought that this limit may cease to be. But we are wrong to take this limit and the individual’s acceptance of it seriously. The limit is only there to be overreached. Fear and horror are not the real and final reaction; on the contrary, they are a temptation to overstep the bounds.” Georges Bataille, Erotism: Death and Sensuality

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Scientists Can Now Cut HIV Out of Human DNA_

HIV is a sneaky virus. It works by inserting its own genes into your DNA, so that even as antiretrovirals hold everything in check, HIV lurks quietly inside your cells. Now scientists have found a way to edit the virus straight out of the human genome — a potential cure for even latent infections.

Genome editing is powerful technique that has really come into its own lately, thanks to a remarkable DNA-cutting protein that easily and precisely cuts out a particular DNA sequence. In fact, genome editing been used to treat HIV before. Earlier this year, another group used genome editing to cut out the DNA sequence of a particular human protein the HIV virus latches onto.

The latest study, from Kamel Khalili at Temple University, uses a similar technique but to different ends. Rather than editing human genes, it goes straight for HIV. Khalili’s team showed that the protein could excise copies of the HIV genome from immune cells such as microglia and T cells. It also seemed to prevent any new HIV infection.

The research is still very new, so of course there are challenges to getting something that worked in a petri dish to work in a human. On the whole, very few cells in the human body are latently infected by HIV. How to you make sure the genome editing gets to those cells? And how do you make sure the protein never goes excising where it shouldn’t?

But if those challenges are solved, genome editing could be a big step toward an actual cure for HIV. Except for a couple of cases involving bone marrow transplants, a cure has been notoriously elusive. HIV hides itself by basically editing your genome; it makes sense that a cure could involve editing your genome, too


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Synchronized Waking Up_


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MAP Visibility Estimation for Large-Scale Dynamic 3D Reconstruction_

Interesting development for 3D video: a team at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a method of video photogrammetry to capture 3D motion, using a spherical array of video cameras at various angles within a space entitled ‘The Panoptic Studio.’

Many traditional challenges in reconstructing 3D motion, such as matching across wide baselines and handling occlusion, reduce in significance as the number of unique viewpoints increases. However, to obtain this benefit, a new challenge arises: estimating precisely which cameras observe which points at each instant in time. We present a maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimate of the time-varying visibility of the target points to reconstruct the 3D motion of an event from a large number of cameras. Our algorithm takes, as input, camera poses and image sequences, and outputs the time-varying set of the cameras in which a target patch is visible and its reconstructed trajectory. We model visibility estimation as a MAP estimate by incorporating various cues including photometric consistency, motion consistency, and geometric consistency, in conjunction with a prior that rewards consistent visibilities in proximal cameras. An optimal estimate of visibility is obtained by finding the minimum cut of a capacitated graph over cameras. We demonstrate that our method estimates visibility with greater accuracy, and increases tracking performance producing longer trajectories, at more locations, and at higher accuracies than methods that ignore visibility or use photometric consistency alone.


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Spoon Share “Inside Out” Via Creepy, Melty Visual_

Spoon has released another song off of their upcoming album They Want My Soul, out August 5 on Loma Vista Recordings. It comes with an unsettling, melting visual edited by Mau Morgó and featuring photos by Todd Baxter.


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Doctor Popular Releases ‘Dazzler’ Single on a Postcard That Can Be Played on a Record Player_

Today Doctor Popular released an E.N. Cowell remix of his song “Dazzler” on a limited edition postcard that can be played on a record player. “Dazzler” — which takes its title from the Marvel Comics character of the same name — originally appeared on the recent Doc Pop album Destroy All Presets.



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