Chromatics Share “I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around”_

Chromatics have shared “I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around”, a cut from the forthcoming Dear Tommy. Listen to it HERE.

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Caribou Performs “Can’t Do Without You” and “Back Home” on “Last Call with Carson Daly”_

Caribou swung by “Last Call with Carson Daly” last night to perform their Our Love tracks “Can’t Do Without You” and “Back Home”. Watch video of the performances below.

“Can’t Do Without You”:

“Back Home”:


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A Water-Saving Faucet That Creates a Beautiful Swirling Stream of Water_

The Swirl faucet features a system of turbines that causes water to come out in a swirling lattice consisting of many jets of water. In addition to being pleasant to look at, the swirling function also reduces water consumption by 15%. Swirl is a design concept by London-based designer Simin Qiu.


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You Can Play This Tiny Keyboard With Your Gestures_

Keys is a MIDI keyboard, built with aspiring piano students in mind. It’s a pretty small guy, making it a great traveling companion (who says you can’t play a keyboard by the campfire?). But the coolest thing about Keys is it incorporates gestures—so you can travel up and down octaves by just waving your hands.

The company’s first music tech creation was the gTar, a light-em-up, button-mashing “guitar” that was a hybrid between a Guitar Hero controller and a glorified iPhone dock. Three years later, the gTar’s creators are applying the same philosophy to keyboards.

Aside from those cool gestures, you can daisy chain more Keys together using magnetic connection tech, and it’s also outfitted with CoreMIDI so making music with whatever app you want shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Keys is up for pre-order with a discounted price ($88), which seems like a pretty minimal investment if you always wanted to learn the ivories…without the actual ivories.


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Scientists designed music specifically for cats, and it is pretty beautiful_

A group of researchers (two psychologists and a composer) with truly lovely research interests recently embarked on a mission to create music that was designed specifically for domestic cats’ enjoyment. In the study, published last month in the journal “Applied Animal Behaviour Science,” the researchers write of their hypothesis: “In order for music to be effective with other species,” they write, “it must be in the frequency range and with similar tempos to those used in natural communication by each species.”

“We looked at the natural vocalizations of cats and matched our music to the same frequency range, which is about an octave or more higher than human voices,” said Charles Snowdon, lead researcher and professor at University of Wisconsin in an interview with Discovery News. “We incorporated tempos that we thought cats would find interesting — the tempo of purring in one piece and the tempo of suckling in another — and since cats use lots of sliding frequencies in their calls, the cat music had many more sliding notes than the human music.”

The team tested the effectiveness of their feline melodies on a group of 47 domestic cats. The cats were totally not impressed when they heard Gabriel Fauré’s “Elegie” and Bach’s “Air on a G String” (human music, yuck), but when the cat-tailored songs came on, the cats rubbed the speakers with their faces. In cat language, that’s pretty much like shouting for an encore.

Listen to some of the feline-friendly songs here — they are pretty trippy and will make your heart feel fluttery, which is probably how a cat feels all the time.


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Artist ABVH Transforms Landmasses Into Bizarre Animated Creatures in a Series of GIFs_

Serbian artist ABVH has turned the British Isles, North America, and other landmasses into bizarre animated creatures in his latest series of GIFs.


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Photogrammetry suite from Autodesk lets you create high definition 3D models from a series of photographs, with tools aimed to be user friendly to create clean results:

Here is a brief demonstration of how a model can be made with the software:

Scanners and cameras are becoming ubiquitous and they let us digitize the world around us. Creating useful and meaningful 3D models from reality however, is a quite challenging and tedious process that is slow, requires expertise and use of multiple and expensive solutions. Memento aims to simplify that process and thus make Reality Computing scalable and accessible to a variety of users.

Autodesk Memento is an end-to-end solution for converting any captured reality input (photos or scans) into high definition 3D meshes that can be cleaned up, fixed, and optimized for the Web, mobile or 3D printing / fabbing.

The software is in open beta stage so anyone can try it out. You can find out more and download it here_

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Demand high for Ben & Jerry’s marijuana-infused ice cream_

America is waking up the premise of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream infused with the body-buzzing active ingredients of marijuana.

The founders of Ben & Jerry’s dropped a time bomb on Huffington Post Feb. 18, stating they were open to making a legal, cannabis-infused ice cream flavor. This week, the media got a bad case of the munchies.

An infused ice cream “makes sense to me,” said co-founder Ben Cohen. “Combine your pleasures. … Where it’s legal!”

“It’s not my decision,” said co-founder Jerry Greenfield. “If it was my decision we would be doing it. Fortunately, we have wiser heads at the company figuring things out.”

Cohen and Greenfield stand among the most cannabis-tolerant mainstream CEOs. Cohen appeared at a cannabis industry conference to encourage CEOs to hold onto their progressive values as their business grows.

“I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing, rather than putting people in jail for not hurting anybody else,” said Greenfield.


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Hermit Crabs Form Orderly Lines to Upgrade to Bigger Shells, Giving Their Old Shells to a Crab in Need_

A fascinating clip from the BBC nature show Life Story shows a group of hermit crabs patiently forming an orderly line by their size when a new and larger shell washes up on shore. As the largest hermit crab leaves its shell to claim the new home, and the second-largest takes that now-vacant shell, and so on down the line until each crab has moved into a slightly larger shell.

Crabs from John Brown on Vimeo.


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New Mysterious Craters Found In Siberia_

They’re back… Remember those weird craters that suddenly appeared in Siberia last year? They just showed up in the middle of nowhere, unannounced and unexpected. At the time, scientists got some awesome exploration pictures that don’t AT ALL look like they could be the start of a Hollywood horror movie.

Now, dozens of new craters were just discovered on the Yamal peninsula in Russia. One of the researchers compared the find to mushrooms, which mysteriously pop up in groups. We still aren’t sure exactly what caused the craters, many of which were first found by reindeer herders, but the leading theory involves methane, a potent greenhouse gas, exploding from the ground.

One source of methane is decaying organic matter, and there’s plenty of that trapped in the permafrost (a permanently frozen layer of ground underneath the top soil in polar regions). When permafrost melts the organic matter decays, potentially releasing large quantities of methane gas. Last time, researchers found some evidence that the craters were perhaps caused by methane exploding into the atmosphere as its permafrost prison melted in warming temperatures.


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