Kansas Residents Call For Medical Marijuana Legalization:

Members of the Kannabis Project, a medical marijuana activist group in Kansas, gathered this week to support the legalization of medical marijuana. They gathered just before a hearing regarding the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act (HB2330).

HB2330, if passed, would legalize marijuana use for patients with specific severe medical conditions. Caregivers would be assigned to distribute medicine to patients from designated care centers.

This measure was introduced by Representative Gayle Finney of Wichita last year, and has made little to no progress since. During a hearing of a similar bill two years ago, the committee Chairwoman walked out. Finney said, “We’d like for [the committee] to actually have a real hearing, listen to this honest and fair debate about it, have a discussion about it. And then get this bill out of the committee and move it to the floor.”


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